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King Datchi

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King Datchi is a creature collection, enviromental simulator set in a colorful world full of gruesome realities.


King Datchi is a 2D turn-based RPG where your actions weigh life and death as you train and battle to win the King Datchi Tournament. Solve puzzles, conquer gyms, and outsmart trainers to become King Datchi. Are you up for the challenge? The fate of your Datchi is in your hands!


!!!Game is under development so may not reflect final gameplay!!!

Creature Collecting

Collect over 30 different unique Datchi!

Market Simulation

Sell and buy Datchi dead or alive in an active market.

Beat the Tournament

Climb the ranks to become the best in the land and the next King Datchi! Travel to gyms and defeat the worlds best.

Part Time Jobs

Players will be able to do part time jobs to support their training and progess on their King Datchi Tournament Journey.

Developer: Mike Krow

Development Software: Javascript, Electron JS

Genre: Creature Collector, RPG, Simulation

Founding Date: August 1st 2022


Platforms: Steam, Others TBD

Target Release Date: TBA

Business Email:

Youtube: @mikekrow

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*Game still in development, and the displayed images may not represent the final gameplay.


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