What is King Datchi?

King Datchi is a 2D turn-based RPG set in the early 2000's. In it you play as a young boy on his journey to become the champ of the King Datchi Tournament. But unlike other creature collectors this game features permadeath. You will capture, steal, and train creatures called Datchi, adventure to new lands, work part time jobs, manage populations of Datchi on your way to being King Datchi.


For now the goal is to have it release on PC. Any console release would be highly unlikely without someone porting it.

Who is the Developer?

King Datchi is being developed by Mike Krow, an uempolyeed turd burger and part time Youtuber. Both keep him horribly poor. There might be others who will assist in the future with audio and art design but for now he is the only worker.

When will King Datchi be released?

King Datchi is currently under development for a release on PC via Steam. Since this is currently a one man team there is no planned release date as of yet but we hope to have a demo out for October of 2023.

What software do you use?

I built the engine using vanilla js and electron js. Other than that I am using a tile map editor I built for this specific game. For graphics and some animations I'm using Aseprite, photoshop, premiere, and after effects. Some Datchi are inspired from or redesigns of Midjourney prompts. But a few are hand drawn.

Where can I get game updates?

To stay up-to-date with King Datchi's progress, consider subscribing to our email list, YouTube channel, and joining our Discord community. These platforms provide updates to the game's development if you would like to come along for the journey.


For inquiries about King Datchi, please contact us at mikekrowdebug@gmail.com.